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Xu H., Wei C.L., Lin F., Sung W.K. (2008)

"Genome-wide Identification of Differential Histone Modification Sites from ChIP-Seq Data". Bioinformatics, 24:2344-2349.







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Supplementary Table 1

The DHMS regions identified by ChIPDiff. Regions were seperated into 6 sheets: ESC enriched K27, ESC enriched K4, ESC enriched K36, NPC enriched K27, NPC enriched K4, and NPC enriched K36.
Supplementary Table 2 Annotation of 223 HCNE genes with ESC enriched K27 DHMSs and gene expression.
Supplementary Table 3 Annotation of K4/K36 DHMSs for 18795 RefSeq genes. Expression data retrieved from in Mikkelson (2007)
Supplementary Table 4 Assignment of lanes in Mikkelson et al.'s ChIP-seq data to the replicates defined in the paper
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