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Xu Han, Handoko Lusy, Wei Xueliang, Ye Chaopeng, Sheng Jianpeng, Wei Chia-Lin, Lin Feng, Sung Wing-Kin

"A Signal-Noise model for significance analysis of ChIP-seq with Negative Control." Manuscript Accepted.








Tools & source codes CCAT3.0.tar.gz
CCAT 3.0 software package.
WCE Library WCE.bed
WCE library generated from mouse ESC E14 cell-line. Data organized in .bed format <chrom> <start> <end> <0> <0> <strand>
Supplementary Table 1 Suppl_Table_1.xls
Libraries used for spike-in simulation.
Supplementary Table 2 Suppl_Table_2.xls
75620 H3K4me3 peaks and their association with promoter, H3K27me3, and H3K4me1. Intensities are measured by count per million per kb.
Supplementary Table 3 Suppl_Table_3.xls
19042 H3K36me3 regions identified by CCAT.
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